Disposal of Finished Products
– Safety First

Covanta Environmental Solutions comprehensive services include the management of finished products, whether they are packaged or rejected directly from manufacturing lines. The biggest manufacturers in the area entrust Sorinco with managing their products intended for destruction, in order to avoid the products winding up on the grey market.

The protection of your brand is a priority for Covanta Environmental Solutions. Consequently, all confidential material is destroyed to render it unusable. A comprehensive system of surveillance cameras in our controlled access warehouse also ensures the secure management of the products which you entrust us to destroy. Products may be destroyed in the presence of a witness and a certificate of destruction is issued when the work is completed.

Sorinco ensures the destruction of:

  • Returned products
  • Expired or discontinued products
  • Recalled products
  • Production spoilage
  • Discharges following various analyses
  • Defective finished products
  • We cater to all industries (food, medical, wholesale, retail…).
  • We are the biggest cosmetics and pharmaceutical product disposal company.

Who we are

Who we are

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Materials treated

Materials treated

Materials treated by Covanta Environmental Solutions.


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