Hazardous Materials Management
– a Comprehensive and Safe Service

Covanta Environmental Solutions is equipped to safely handle your hazardous materials. We are always searching for greener solutions for your hazardous products.

Covanta Environmental Solutions offers comprehensive and unparalleled services for the management of your hazardous materials. Our qualified personnel is available and can easily travel to your facilities to prepare your products for shipping, from the identification and segregation of your hazardous waste, to the preparation of all relevant shipping documents and management reports.

Types of hazardous materials handled by Covanta Environmental Solutions :

  • Liquid and solid WHMIS materials and/or regulated for transport (TDGR)
  • Liquid and solid raw materials
  • Batteries, fluorescent tubes, ballasts with or without PCB
  • All types of solvents
  • Used alcohols
  • Toxic and cytotoxic products
  • Toxic empty containers
  • Aerosols
  • Wash water
  • Printing inks and cartridges
  • All types of labpacks

Who we are

Who we are

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Materials treated

Materials treated

Materials treated by Covanta Environmental Solutions.


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